I Fucked My Boss’s Daughter-In-Law – A Widow Bhabhi

I used to take call girls in the flat during the nights as I was not sleeping in the restaurant room. One Sunday I was fucking a call girl in the flat and suddenly bhabhi came in a room as she was having another key of flat. She saw me fucking a girl, she went to the kitchen straight away and made a tea for her. Once I am done with that call girl, I paid her and asked her to leave.

I said sorry to bhabhi while she was finishing her tea. She went to sleep in the bedroom, so I went behind her and started to undress her. She asked me to stop. I said I came into the kitchen to eat you and you need to remove clothes for that.

I also said I cannot eat you like this bhabhi for which she was smiling. She said, that call girl was looking beautiful and I again said sorry. She said, oh cmon I understand and it’s okay. And asked, so how many girls till now here in the flat?

I said she was the fourth one. She smiled and said enjoy life. I said thank you and kissed her very hard. While pressing her boobs I asked her that why don’t she enjoy her life with one more cock.

She started steering me and said that I am sounding crazy? I said I have many friends who are in search of a sexy item like you. She smiled and caught my cock. And said you are getting too far. With that, she started sucking my cock. I was like aaaaahhhh bhabhi you are awesome. And we enjoyed till 7 PM that day. We are enjoying each other’s company from last one year.

3 months before I introduced my friend to bhabhi and I told him that I work at her restaurant. He said what a sexy lady and while fucking bhabhi I told her that my friend called her sexy.

If you want I’ll make a setting for you. Bhabhi smiled and said as you wish. I asked her to get fucked in front of me for which she agreed. And then I started pumping her hard and she was moaning aaahh aahh aaahhh. Next week my friend fucked her in front of me as per promise in her flat, now bhabhi became a thirsty lady. I also ask her if she has any friends for fuck because I want more pussies.

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