Sexy Shiny Aunty Got Fucked

Now my cock was rock erect ready to penetrate a wet hole. She removed my shirt and started kissing me. We had a strong passionate kiss.

I slowly slipped my hands into her panties. I felt her pussy with little hairs over it. She might have waxed it a few days before. I circled her pussy many times with my finger, she was moaning in excitement.

I pulled down her panties and started pressing her ass again. Now she was almost on the edge. Suddenly the door bell rang and we dressed and she opened. It was my dad. As I didn’t call him and let him know where I was he came looking out for me. He asked me why didn’t I answered his calls. I told him that it was in the silent mode so I didn’t notice.

Now I had to leave:( all the fun we were having was watered. She was the who was really disappointed much. I told her we’ll meet soon and left. I was very upset and disappointed.

Back home after having my meal I got a call from shiny aunt. She told me how she was missing me and my magical touches.

After the conversation was over dad asked me to spend the night at shiny aunts place cause my cousin couldn’t make it as she had exams the next day. Gosh, I was so so happy… I thanked my stars and left my building. I thought I would give her a surprise so I didn’t call her and inform this.

I rang her doorbell and she opened up. She was clad in a sexy saree. Now she was mighty struck by my being there and pulled me in. I gave her the good news.

She was excited like nothing. Now she pulled me closer and embraced me, started kissing and told me how she missed e. She said” you are mine now and you will fuck me the entire night”

I told, “Let’s begin the play shiny”.

She started kissing me wildly, playing tongue hockey and all. Undressed me to my briefs, pushed me to the bed and started a striptease. Wow!! She took her saree off slowly, throwing it in me. Now unhooked her blouse erotically. Her skirt slipping down next slowly. Wow, I was having an experience of a lifetime. She was looking absolutely hot in her two-piece. Now jumped to the bed and sat on my thighs.

I kissed her passionately. I unhooked her bra and started teasing her boobs with my tongue. She was slithering with pleasure. Now she took my cock out and started rubbing it.It was so erotic that I feared a premature ejaculation. But she was so excited and did it masterfully.

She took off my briefs and started licking my testis. Playing with balls gave her pleasure. Now she took my cock inside her throat giving it gentle strokes. Deep throat and licking it. It just gave me the needed pleasure in abundance. She made the strokes faster. I asked her to stop just before the orgasm.

Now I removed her panties and laid her on the bed. I started kissing her all over. She was enjoying it with moans. I slowly moved my hands down to her pussy and started rubbing it. I could feel her nipples erect with the other hand. I moved front and started licking her nipples. She showed me the other one, I licked it too.

She asked me to take the entire boob inside my mouth. It was tough as her boobies being so huge. But I did. She shouted”Still inside john, still” I did so. Now I went back to her pussy. My hands felt her clitoris,erect.. I started playing with it. Gave it gentle rubs.

Now slowly I inserted one finger inside her wet hole. It slipped in with ease. I started giving gentle strokes with one hand on her clitoris stimulating it. She was playing with her boob and licking it while I was doing so. Now I made the strokes faster. She was moaning in pain. I pushed another finger in she was shouting in pain.

Now I was searching for her g-spot. I found it and started circling it. She was enjoying it to the fullest. She was approaching orgasm. Even she asked me to stop just before she could ejaculate.

She told me that her pussy was now hungry thirsty for my cum. I pulled her, split her legs and started fucking her.Oh!! She was shouting in pain. She said that my bro doesn’t fit my shoes and she could live with me for the rest of her life. She told me to fuck her hard.

I gave strokes of a lifetime. Now I was at the edge of orgasm and she asked me to use her ass. I turned her over and tried the bulldog on her. She shouting in pain and asking for more. I pressed her boobs tight, so hard that she forgot the pain in her ass. She enjoyed it.

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